Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Ask for feedback

A good estate agent will always ask people for feedback about your home after they've viewed. Sometimes there's nothing you can do because they say the location is wrong.

But what else might they say?

Some houses I've seen have had issues which I felt were offputting. A kitchen too narrow for a dishwasher might be no good for someone who's after room for one. A house with too much work needing doing might be overpriced for someone who's after a bargain.

Take in feedback. Consider what you can do about it. Next time you could suggest that there is room for a dishwasher in the kitchen if you swap something round, or you could consider dropping the price a little.

Sometimes you won't get feedback and you're left wondering why someone doesn't like your house. Don't worry too much - get on with the next viewing!

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