Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Picking the right estate agent

Test drive a few estate agents before you decide which one you'll use.

Ask to view houses. What are the agents like? Are they helpful? How long does it take for them to arrange viewings? Do they get back to you when they say they will? How long does it take for them to organise accompanied viewings?

I know one estate agent locally who took 2 weeks to show someone round an empty property they had the keys for! That sort of timescale is pretty shocking and might put off many buyers.

Will they treat your viewers the same?

For getting valutations pick several estate agents

  • Look at valuation - is it too high? Have they given a much higher price than any of the others?
  • What fees do they have? Will they negotiate?
  • Do they pay for the HIP?
  • What if you change your mind? What costs are you liable for?
  • Do they have people on their books looking for your type of property?

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