Monday, 5 May 2008

Declutter to sell

Decluttering means removing all the excess items from your home.

All the books, excessive ornaments, furniture, shoes, coats, toys, junk, rubbish, suitcases, clothes that don't fit anywhere - all the things that make you feel at home - make your house seem smaller.

You need to remove all the excess items. Have a good sort out - throw away the broken items, send the good stuff to charity shops and keep the stuff you want to take with you into storage either in paid storage or at a friends house.

Think about how show houses look. Aim for that clean, fresh feel with a lack of personal items. Save a few high quality ornaments and pictures to dress your home but get rid of the vast majority of stuff.

It'll make your house look bigger!

By clearing out the junk room and dressing it as a bedroom you'll show potential buyers that the house is suitable for them.
Dress your dining room with the places set for a nice meal. Arrange cushions on sofas and beds in coordinating colours to match your home.
Dress the kitchen with a few carefully chosen items.

No magazines or books strewn about unless they are posh, uncreased glossy magazines.

Every item in your home should be chosen because it adds to the look.

Before every viewing run round and check for books, toys and other junk that will creep back in. Remember you are decluttering to sell your home - not to live free of junk forever.

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