Monday, 5 May 2008

Pets or pests?

Lots of people don't like cats and dogs. Lots of people are put off from buying a house because it has pets in, or is smells of pet.

When showing people round take the pets outside - or take them to a neighbours.

Remove dog beds and check carpets are clean. It can be worth replacing stinky carpet rather than trying to clean it.

I have read that some people have put their pets in kennels for a few weeks when trying to sell their home, but I think this is a little extreme. As long as you have time to check the house doesn't smell each time someone views then you should be ok.

Use freebreeze or other deorderisers on areas the pet sleeps. Brush pet hairs off sofas and beds. Check the curtains too! If your cat brushed past a curtain to get onto the window sill then the curtain may well be coated in hair!

Remove pet food dishes too. Stinky pet food is likely to put people off your lovely home!

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