Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dealing with half empty houses

I've just been looking at a case study of a couple who've split up and are trying to sell their home. However as she's moved out and took half the furniture with her the house looks decidely empty.

The dining room is a bit empty - and doesn't look appealing. There's a nice large table but it's only got a couple of chairs with it.
The lounge is almost full or a tired faded couch and chairs - but has a nice fireplace that needs to be made more of a feature. The house is in the country and should have it's cottage aspect emphasised.
The kitchen isn't too bad but is cluttered and needs some colour bringing in to it.

I'd recommend sorting out some more furniture - lay the table for perhaps a romantic meal for two, candles, flowers, plates and glasses out. Add some life into the old sofas with a smart throw and cushions, clean up the fireplace and make it so it's ready to light.

Tidy kitchen and add some colour using storage jars and matching accessories.

Tidy the garden too! It's inexcusable to have poor photos when you're desperate to sell your home. Estate agents should be prepared to tell you this when they come to take photos. You need to maximise people coming to see your home and if the images they see first are unappealing this does you the seller and the estate agent no good at all.

When no photos of bedrooms are shown I always wonder why - and when a house is a bit tired and faded in the other photos I always fear the worst! Even if you have to make a fake bed up out of packing boxes and bedcovers you need to show bedrooms as having room for beds!

It is hard when you're divorcing and sometimes you should think whether you should stay together a little longer just for the sake of the house sale!

Get photos taken when all furniture is in - before other partner takes half and leaves.

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