Friday, 9 May 2008

Quick tidy up hints for viewings

Some emergency tidying up hints - when you're short of time before a viewing

1. Take the laundry basket and pick up the things that need to be put away. Don't put them away separately, keep them in the basket and hide the basket in a cupboard! Don't forget to sort stuff out after!

2. Next run the vacuum round the main areas.

3. Clean the bathroom. Quickly. You should have done a thorough clean at the start of the sale process so it shouldn't need much work

4. Boil the kettle. Make a cup of tea for yourself, pour another cup of boiling water and pop some scenty things in - a clove, some cinnamon, or a drop of essential oils (lavender perhaps)

5. Spray a quick squirt of furniture polish near the front door - not on slippy floors though!

6. Finish tea, rinse and hide cup, smile and read through the list of notes you've made about showing people round your home!

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