Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Questions that might get asked on viewings

Any disputes or noise issues with the neighbours?

Why are you moving?

Have you ever been burgled?
Have you ever flooded?
Has anybody ever been murdered here?

When was property last rewired.
How old boiler & ch system, is it checked regularly by BGas or registered corgi guy.
How old is roof - does it have any problems?

How long they have lived there?

If a flat, how much is service charge?

has the house suffered from any subsidence problems ?

What council tax band is it?

What did the previous owners do to the house? Is work under guarantee still?

Is there a good school near by?
Any good places for our kids to hang out--playground maybe? This might reveal it's a living hell if all the kids from miles around hang out near there

How are the neighbours? Are they nice? Do they have kids?

Is there anything really noisy nearby? (Pub, hotel, chippy, fire station, police station, motorway, industrial units)

Is the property on water meter?

What work have they had done? And when was it done, is it still under guarantee or warranty?

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