Monday, 5 May 2008

Quick hints for viewings

Some very easy and quick hints when doing viewings

  1. Fresh flowers
  2. Fresh fruit arranged in nice dish
  3. Clean house!
  4. Lights on if needed
  5. Heating on for a quick blast before they arrive
  6. Clean windows
  7. Check outside of house for litter
  8. Move cars so parking spaces look bigger
  9. Make sure no cooking going on - unless you fancy baking bread! This is supposed to give a very homely feel to a house so would work better in a cottage than a smart flat.
  10. Place glossy lifestyle mags on coffee table
  11. Brew coffee (I've read this one works! )
  12. Clean the inside of the front door with a spot of furniture polish - it'll give a very clean smell when they walk in.
  13. Check no shoes left by the front door. Hide coats off coat rack.
  14. Decide which doors are to be left open - sometimes opening doors to reveal rooms is better, but some rooms make a house look more spacious if doors are open. Try both and decide which is best.
  15. Decide which way round the house to show them!
  16. Rehearse the positives of why you've loved living here
  17. Have a good reason why you're leaving - not just that you've outgrown it. Having to move for work or family reasons is a good one to use.
  18. Iron duvet covers!
  19. Arrange soft furnishings to give a nice look on sofas and beds
  20. Empty all the bins.
  21. Arrange rubbish bins neatly outside.
  22. Ask them questions too! You'll be able to point out local schools if they have kids!
  23. Tell them about how nice your neighbours are
  24. Tell them about the local area if they don't know it - what shops are nearby, transport links etc
  25. Dress nicely! You're selling your home so don't look like a slob

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